Preview: DataVault 4.3

We took a look at Data Vault way back when, and Ascendo’s been hard at work packing in the features to make their password-keeping software at the top of the heap. Not only are we going to plow through the release notes to see what’s changed since our last look, but we’ve also managed to get a sneak peak at version 4.3, due out this week.

Just to recap, DataVault is a lightweight yet versatile password storage application for your BlackBerry. The program itself is password-protected and lets you input passwords and other sensitive information within user-defined fields. It comes with some 20 predefined templates which can use, alter or ignore in favour of your own creations. Entries are organized first by Category then by Type, which offer the same flexibility of change. If you’ve ever used BlackBerry’s built-in Password Keeper but always found yourself looking for more, DataVault is for you.

One of the bigger changes since our last look was that there are now 100 icons to assign to your items. This might seem like a fluffy change, but if you’ve got a lot of information stored on a list, the right icon will provide the discernible visual cue you need to find an item quickly and easily. There’s plenty of interface customization, too - you can change DataVault’s font, skin, table colours and a whole bunch of other visual options.

You’ve got two views to chose from: tree view and list view. The list view is more straightforward, putting all of your items in a single list with category and type filters accessible above the table. If you’re a heavy user, the tree view might be more up your alley. It’s a folder-based interface which lets your browse through categories and types to show only the batches of information you need.

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