BlackBerry 8120 lands in Italy

While we’ve been mostly buzzing about the BlackBerry 8130 lately, the 8120 with Wi-Fi is starting to make the rounds in Europe. Telecom Italia Mobile announced yesterday their release of the BlackBerry 8120 in Italy, with all of the Wi-Fi, 2mpx camera, video capture, external microSD slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and quad-band GSM you can handle. TIM will be the exclusive carrier of this beauty in Italy until December, but no word on pricing just yet. Their 8100 is running 299 €, so you can expect to pay something in that range. The last we really heard of the 8120 was of its initial launch in Spain, and taking a look at its European profile, the Pearl hasn’t reached anywhere else just yet. It’s only been two weeks mind you, so let’s hold out for some more releases before Christmas. We got any Italian readers looking to grab one of these?

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