BlackBerry second to iPhone customer satisfaction

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We just took a look at a recent survey from ChangeWave, which puts customers highly satisfied with the iPhone at a whooping 82%. RIM sits at 51% of very satisfied customers, with Sanyo and LG following close behind at 46% and 41% respectively. 16% of those surveyed who didn’t already have one, said they were planning to by an iPhone, which is the highest projected purchase rate out of all the manufacturers listed. It’s nice to say that RIM’s second only to Apple, but let’s face it, that’s a pretty big 31% gap that BlackBerry has to fill. What would it take for you guys to tick off the “Very Satisfied” box on a survey about your BlackBerry?

  • bill
    Blackberry should not allow Verizon, Sprint, etc. to disable its stock GPS functionality with their proprietary software. Making sure BB users can use BB GPS for free like the Blackberry designers allowed for would be one smart business move for the folks at Blackberry, especially since it should be Verizon, Sprint and crew who should be catering to the outstanding device rather than the other way around.
  • justelise
    I think that the results of the survey would've been more accurate had the participants be able to separate their experience with their carrier from the actual Blackberry. So many of the issues people have with any device are problems with the carrier itself. Between features being locked down by the carriers, to having to go through their customer support before being handed off to RIM; all of that plays into the customer service experience.
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