Telus BlackBerry 8130 due November 17?

TelusBGR is reporting that Telus’ GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8130 will be coming out November 17th., two weeks later than previously rumored, complete with OS 4.3. With November rapidly approaching, it’s easy to imagine that panic struck, and an initial release for the 1st. got pushed back. Outside of GPS, the 8130 will be toting a 2 mpx camera with video capture, external microSD slot, and with the new OS, a new browser and media player.

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Marvin stone
November 30th, 2007 at 11:12 pm

I’m not pleased with this black barry, using the gps I find costs a cople of bucks, every time you turn it on, I called to find out how this works and was told it came with the phone, gps, then i find that it costs to use so is this gps. or is this a land based trianulation system and if this is the case then there is a little bit of wool being pulled over the eyes of every boudy bying this phone, I was using the maps ap that came with the phone, and active when bought, REALY NOT PLEASED WITH the frendly nes of telus, you pay through the nose this is why I will hot go back, I think the future will be fredlyer or at least cheeper with out

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