More BlackBerry Unite! info

Back when Telefonica busted out the BlackBerry 8120, they also announced their free small group syncing solution, BlackBerry Unite! Well, Josep spotted a demo from RIM which goes over the key features, as well as links to an information page. They break it down as benefits for family (such as accessing shared photos, calendars, contacts), and business (remote file viewing, device lock-down, security). Unite is looking sweeter than ever, and hopefully the presence of a site in English signals its arrival here in North America soon. It might only be for up to five devices and 10 e-mail accounts, but that’s pretty good value for a free download.

Share life when you’re on the go
* Access thousands of photos anytime on your smartphone
* Enjoy your music libraries from virtually anywhere
* Use a family address book, so you always have the email addresses and phone numbers you need

Always stay coordinated
* Share your family’s calendars so everyone knows where they need to be and when.*
* Set reminders and check to see when family members are free

Always have what you need with you
* Use your BlackBerry smartphone to access your pictures, music, documents and more from your desktop computer.

Keep Safe
* With BlackBerry Unite!, the information you share is protected
* Customize BlackBerry sm