Most people don’t want phones on planes, Europe tries to get them on anyway

PlanesEurope is moving ahead with plans to get mobile phone usage on planes while in flight, but according to a recent survey from TripAdvisor, a wooping 78% said they don’t want to be seated next to someone using a cellphone. It’s not too surprising, considering flying tends to be close quarters for extended amounts of time, but how do BlackBerrys fit into the whole equation? First off, are data transmissions being taken into account in addition to voice when testing the new cellular technology in Europe? If not, that could put an end to BlackBerrys on planes pretty quickly. Would fliers be as by bothered by someone discreetly thumbing out e-mails as someone yakking away in their ear? Probably not. We’ll see what the airlines do, and with any luck, we’ll get to thumb to our hearts’ content the next time we cross the pond.

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