Review: BerryBUDDY

We spotted the BerryBUDDY a few months ago, and were impressed by the charger’s visuals alone. To be fair, that’s about all a charger has to run on, since getting your handheld juiced up and connected to your desktop is a pretty straightforward affair. The BerryBUDDY’s debut for the BlackBerry Pearl and its cousins is a bold one, being one of the few chargers packing serious class. Let’s take a quick look at the BerryBUDDY and see how he performs.

The BerryBUDDY operates using two mini-USB connectors discreetly placed in the rear: one for your wall plug, one for your PC. We had to go fishing around to find our power plug, since we do most of our charging right from the desktop. Including one or both of the cables would have been a nice touch, in case users find themselves in the same situation. As for placement, the unique open-bottom design lets you put the dock over wires or other unsightly desk bits you might want to cover. The design intuitively made us want to dangle it off the side of a desk or shelf, but the lack of underside grip or mounts squashed our dreams.

It goes without saying that the BerryBuddy gets top marks for looks. I mean, c’mon, just look at it. When the Innov8 folks told me that they’re looking to include leather backing in future models along with a wider selection of colours, that made me wish I’d held out to review one of them. Colours which match the new Pearls will be a welcome sight, but we’ll just have to keep an eye out for future BerryBUDDYs. The black is still classic, and as you can see it suits my set-up nicely.

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Artem Cheban
October 31st, 2007 at 4:07 pm

Love the theme choice ;)

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