Pinstack choses their top apps


Gold starPinstack, the biggest honkin’ BlackBerry message board out there, has announced their Five Star picks for BlackBerry software. The people who live and breathe BlackBerry every day have chosen these as their top picks, so if you’re new to the scene, you can count on these programs being top notch. We’re glad to see a bunch of apps on here from folks we know, like Sudoku and KaGlom from Magmic, Virtual Reach’s Viigo, and Ascendo made the list too, although Data Vault was bumped out by SplashID.

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* JiveTalk - Multi-client instant messaging application for BlackBerry.
* eOffice - Professional wireless document management solution.
* Ascendo Money - Manage accounts, checkbooks, investments, savings, loans & more.
* BBSmart Email Viewer - Advanced email client for your BlackBerry.
* Beyond411 - Instant access to Yahoo Local Yellow pages, maps, and driving directions.
* SplashID - Password & confidential information manager.
* Empower BES MailBox - Separate your Work & Personal Emails.
* Sudoku - The brainteaser that’s taking the world by storm, on BlackBerry.
* KaGlom - a high-pressure game of falling blocks.
* Telenav - GPS navigator, also find restaurants, shops, hotels, & more.
* Viigo - Fast and feature filled RSS content reader.
* WorldMate Live - Mobile manager for Travel activities.