BES failover software released

PadlockJosep pointed us to a recent announcement from Double-Take, whose software offers failsafe security to BES servers. Their solution continually backs up your BES, ensuring data retention in the face of outages and other problems. These guys have worked on similar software for Exchange, SQL, and Lotus Notes servers, so they definitely know the drill when it comes to data security. If this sounds like something your enterprise could use, you can find more information over here.

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  1. 1 booyaa

    How does this compare to neverfail’s offering? Neverfail provides load balancing and high availability across all your enterprise apps i.e. Mail, Fax and Blackberry.

  2. 2 nick harmer

    Neverfail has offered HA/DR for BES servers for more than two years with hundreds of deployed customers. See Neverfail at WES where they are a Gold Sponsor

  3. 3 Erik Walraven

    Neverfail in contrast to Doubletake is more as twice so expensive. That’ s one of the reasons that Doubletake is an interesting player on the relative small ‘BES failover’ market.

    What I am wondering is, has anyone got any experiences with Doubletake? Pls share them with me, because I am building a failover situation at this moment.

  4. 4 Brennels

    Hi Erik, it has been a while since I have implemented Double-Take for BES but know there have been some significant improvements with the DT Application Manager that will help auto-discover the BES server and related database. There is usually two parts the BES server and the SQL backend. Double-Take will replicate all the changes from the primary server to the DR target and in the event of a disaster redirect the DNS, mount the database and start all the relevent services. There are some white papers on BES that may be useful to you

    Hope this helps,

    - Regards

  5. 5 Gregg S.A. Tuijnenburg


    Regarding the pricing structure it depends on how you look at it. DT is priced on a ‘per server’ basis while Neverfail is priced per server pair.

    Also both products may only be compared on a ‘replication’ level (where DT does not copy the registry changes accross while Neverfail does - what is an application worth without the registry being consistent?).

    Neverfail is application aware and so takes care of the whole chain of applications where the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is depending on.

    Neverfail is all about ‘Continuous Availability’ what simply means that the ‘enduser should be able to use the application at all times’, no matter what failure occurs (hardware-failure,software-failure, data corruption, registry corruption, connectivity problems, performance de-crease etc.).

    So there’s no way to compare the two products. If you’re looking for an automated failover solution so your end-users will always be able to use your application: go for Neverfail, without a doubt.

    As Brennels said earlier, DT is more complex to implement (build of secondary server = manually), Neverfail is easy to install, all automated & easy to maintain.

    Best regards,

  6. 6 brennels

    No matter what solution you are looking it’s never wrong to do your research, compare all product capabilities, get the facts, request customer references or case studies and you won’t be misled from gathering your own information. And beware of those who try to put words in your mouth.

  7. 7 Gregg S.A. Tuijnenburg

    I can’t agree more Brennels ..

  1. 1 WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Double-Take Software | BlackBerry Cool

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