BlackBerry Facebook app released

RIM has announced an app for Facebook at CTIA. Now, Facebook already has a mobile site which works pretty well, but a full-blown app catered to quick browsing of friends’ feeds and allowing for picture uploading right to your photo albums… well, that’s just awesome. You can get home screen notifications now, get a full text view of messages, wall posts and everything else, friends status and information, and photo uploading and tagging.

Great little feature here: you can send messages even when offline, it’ll just go out when a connection is established like your regular e-mail. I’m one of those suckers who’s got a Facebook tab opened all day long, just waiting for the BlackBerry to buzz with an SMS notification, but now it’ll be right there on my home screen. If you’re on Facebook, check out BBCool’s group. We post all the day’s news there if you’re looking for the bite-sized version. You can download the app over the air at Make sure you’ve got OS 4.2 or higher, presuming your carrier supports it.

Facebook on BB

20 Responses to “BlackBerry Facebook app released”

  1. 1 Bambi Blue

    Woo! Facebook on a Blackberry!

  2. 2 Jason Tucker

    Sorry, your wireless Service Provider does not allow access to facebook for your device.

    Stupid Sprint / Nextel.

  3. 3 Geediu

    i tried to download, but it says sorry your wireless service provider does not allow access to facebook for our device. i am on rogers, using 8700r… anyone else having this problem also?

  4. 4 Christopher Cox

    Wow this thing works really well. The mail application is almost like the BB email app and just as quick. It even has a “delete prior” if you go to the top. Awesome stuff!

  5. 5 Vortix

    Same problem as Geediu as well. I get an “Unsupported Device” error that says “Sorry, your wireless Service Provider does not allow access to Facebook for your device.”

    I tried downloading OTA and also via the USB cable with Internet Explorer, and had the same problem either way. I have an 8703e with Verizon as my service provider.

    A co-worker of mine has a Verizon 8830, and he was able to install the app without any problems.

    Any chance this app requires OS version 4.2 or above???

  6. 6 optimuscrime

    nope, not on bell mobility either - today’s globe and mail says it’s on t-mobile only for now…

  7. 7 Pablo a.

    Seems the download link has been 404′ed.

    Wonder if RIM pulled it down? Or it is not accesible to T-Mobile in the US.

  8. 8 Rufus Leeking

    Works fine on Verizon…. so, not limited to T-Mo.

  9. 9 redtom82

    so, this will only work on t-mobile? it wont work on AT&T either? I keep getting an error when I try to download it. I have a 8300 curve.

  10. 10 Kelvin

    I am running it successfully on an AT&T Curve.

  11. 11 Ben Worobec

    Works liek a charm on TELUS.

  12. 12 optimuscrime

    what the hell?

    apparently sprint users are having this problem, too. i suspect it’s a case of a missing transport service.

  13. 13 Shmully

    I am on a BES with restrictions on the web access. I have a att 8800, so I am able to use Media Net without restriction. It appears that this app asks for internet from the blackberry browser. Can anyone see a way around this?

  14. 14 TheScotsMan

    Works on my Curve on the Rogers network you need to update to version 4.2 .

  15. 15 Roy

    Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Facebook. :(

  16. 16 Roy

    OS is
    Telco doesn’t have 4.2 with Chinese/Japan language support.

  17. 17 ertv

    The application ask me the mail and password? Where can i find it?

  18. 18 bbcurve8300

    Works fine as kind on BB Curve 8300 with Rogers.

  19. 19 Blake Brannon

    Finally got around to writing this. Here are my thoughts.

  20. 20 Nick

    Hi all. Can someone help me UNINSTALL the new BB Facebook application? I’m on O2 network in the UK. Facebook app just got pushed to my BB without me asking for it or opting in. The network provider data-support call centre says they’ve had quite a few people calling up, complaining about it, but they can’t advise on how to uninstall (and don’t seem particularly interested in helping, since the application will drive data-revenue for them). Could anyone else advise at all please? Thanks - nick

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