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Nav4AllWe just got word from Stefano that Nav4All, a free navigation software package, is now supporting BlackBerry. They’ve got something set up called MyWorld which lets you share favourite locations on Google Maps, complete with pictures, and access them view the Nav4All client. On top of that, MyWorld is boasting Yellow Pages access, mapping, and friend tracking. It all sounds pretty good, just keep in mind that generally you get what you pay for. If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to give this free LBS a shot, you can download Nav4All by going to on your GPS-enabled BlackBerry.

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5 Responses to “Free BlackBerry navigator software”

  1. 1 FiL

    Does this application require internet to use?

  2. 2 pete


  3. 3 Antonie

    Can I use this application in South Africa?

  4. 4 Joost

    It’s a great programme, but there’s not a very good map:(

  5. 5 Striker

    Nav4All is THE best free GPS program that I have found so far. For a small screen, like my 8110, the simple diagrams that Nav4All uses is perfect for setting my phone up on my dash.

    Nav4All requires a GPS connection on your phone, whether it be an internal GPS device, or an External GPS device connected to your phone.

    With simplicity comes an easy-to-use software that I alone will not deny is perfect for anyone to use from Geo Caching to Driving half way around the world.

    I recommend this program to everyone.

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