Opera Mini 4’s third beta available

The second round of Opera Mini 4’s beta has finished, and now we’re on to number three. The biggest feature of this release is bookmark syncing with your desktop browser using Opera Link. Although you have to use the Opera desktop browser in order to populate Link, once everything is uploaded, you can access your saved bookmarks from their web site. It’s a pretty cool feature, and you can get something similar on Firefox (minus mobile syncing) with this little add-on.

4 Responses to “Opera Mini 4’s third beta available”

  1. 1 luc-movel

    Never mind this new beta, Opera still won’t work on my Curve because it can’t reach the Internet. It probably still looks for a direct TCP/APN-based connection, which my carrier does not allow. Many developers that code for the Blackberry platform still don’t know what BIS is. :-(

  2. 2 adrienne

    Will not work for my 88 either

  3. 3 raphael

    Opera 3 will not work on my curve cant find internet. What should i do?

  1. 1 Final Opera Mini 4 released | BlackBerry Cool

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