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BES failover software released

Oct 26, 2007: 

Double-Take is now offering a BES back-up software suite to help minimize downtime and ensure data security.

Weekly Contest: The Killer Consumer App

Oct 26, 2007: 

Facebook, Yahoo! and Gtalk all made some strides on BlackBerry this week. If you can tell us the next thing in line for consumer software, you can win two of Magmic’s newest games!

Two new Magmic games released

Oct 26, 2007: 

White House Rumble and Miner 2049er Gold Rush have both hit Magmic’s shelves this week.

GMail releases IMAP support

Oct 25, 2007: 

IMAP will let GMail messages sync across web-based, handheld and desktop interfaces, which is good news for BIS folks who rely heavily on Google.

ShowMate update en route

Oct 25, 2007: 

A new software update for the Impatica ShowMate will let you project whatever is on your BlackBerry to the big screen.

Japanese perverts beware

Oct 25, 2007: 

Takahashi’s Anti-Groping Appli has hit number 7 on Spicy Soft Corp’s top 10 downloaded mobile programs in Japan, fending off molesters with thinly-veiled threats.

Telus BlackBerry 8130 due November 17?

Oct 25, 2007: 

Telus’ previously-rumored date of a November 1st. release for the new Pearl has been contested by BGR.

Gtalk and Yahoo! BlackBerry clients updated

Oct 25, 2007: 

IMers rejoice! Gtalk and Yahoo! chat clients have been updated, with free OTA downloads available from

BlackBerry Facebook app released

Oct 24, 2007: 

Who doesn’t love Facebook? Now you can get it all on your BlackBerry, wall posts, picture sharing, status messages, the whole nine yards.

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