Weekly Contest: The Killer Consumer App

FacebookWe’ve had a blast of new BlackBerry software this week, like Facebook, Gtalk, and a slightly glitchy Yahoo! messenger client. RIM has clearly taken the CTIA opportunity this year to reach out to the socialite in BlackBerry users, furthering their consumer push. On top of that, the BlackBerry 8130 is just around the corner, which will continue to help bring BlackBerry out of the office and into the streets. If the Facebook announcement has proven anything, it’s that hardware is only as good as the software it runs, so this week we’re asking you, fine readers: what will be the next killer consumer app for BlackBerry? We aren’t talking office productivity here, just sheer frivolity. Was Facebook the right direction? Maybe themes need a kick in the pants to get something other than Zen and Zen Today variants? Maybe more photo sharing stuff like iTTOMP? The comment which pitches the best consumer-app-to-be for BlackBerry will get a copy of Magmic’s two latest games, White House Rumble and Miner 2049er Gold Rush.

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13 Responses to “Weekly Contest: The Killer Consumer App”

  1. 1 Lewis

    Well not the KILLER consumer app, but a good one that needs to come… gtalk, yahoo messenger, and MSN MESSENGER! Pre-installed. Or one client pre-installed, made by RIM, that logs you in to all 3. And AIM while we’re at it.

    It would be like the Social Networking handset of choice…

  2. 2 Lewis

    Also, like we can now upload pictures to facebook with the facebook app, we need another option to upload to flickr. A flickr app would be cool..

  3. 3 Krad

    What the blackberry needs is a real sports interface like facebook. There should be an app like “cbs sportsline zone” or “espn zone” on the blackberry. You should be able to keep up with fantasy teams on either or…. you should be able to watch highlights ota…

    should be like “sports” on vista media center….

    There should be latest scores for all sports, be able to see what is playing now and tell you what channel it is on. Stats… you name it.

    I can’t tell you how many guys at the football game around me have cbs sportsline or espn on auto-refresh while watching the game. I am one of them.

  4. 4 Krad

    Ohh and for the ladies….

    Rim should partner with “the nest” / “the knot” and make a facebook type app for all the ladies. My wife being one of them.

    if she could get that on a blackberry she would want it like now.

    btw. I don’t need the games so don’t pick me.

  5. 5 tim

    I think they should offer a free turn by turn direction option for blackberries with GPS. But also let you see where other people on your list are located. That way if you are at a game or public place you can see where your family, friends or coworkers are.

    I also think it would be cool to have something that downloads you online bank records and you can see balances instantly when you click on it. Kind of like microsoft money or something, but not as complex.

  6. 6 Bill Andrews

    The killer consumer application would be a program that organized SMS text messages to look like an IM session. Instead of looking for them in a messages folder, there would be a native RIM app than would recognize them and organize them by incoming number. You could even attach the images from the phoebook or use custom avatars. Also you could track the number of messages per user plus when last message received. Also you could “record” a message thread and save it to an email. LOTS OF POTENTIAL. I use SMS text messages much more than any IM program …

  7. 7 Timothy

    I have always wanted a program that I could burst out an sos signal to fellow blackberry users or wireless users. Have it so it could hook up to one of the convience keys on the side.

    I work in a sales company and I sometimes get stuck with customer chatting and I cannot get away. I would like to be able to push a button and get one of my coworkers to help me get out a the jam. It was also be good for people on dates who need a call to get out or anything where people need help to get out of. You could even put in text in your warning system and have it burst out when you press the button.

  8. 8 Lewis

    Looking at this page clearly shows blackberry with MSN messenger support… but I can’t find the download from anywhere! Maybe it’s just a pre-emptive page, for a release soon?


  9. 9 Lewis

    Yeah, I just found the windows live messenger page on blackberry.com by typing in the code myself:


    Doesn’t allow a download from the desktop or the handheld. I expect this will be announced in the next few days?

  10. 10 alicia

    How about a radio application. I am a brand new BB user and would love to listen to internet or FM radio…

  11. 11 Alicia

    Radio - either internet or FM. I am a new BB user and I would love to have that!!

  12. 12 David

    Two words: Slingbox Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13 luc-movel

    Lewis, you can have MSN on GTalk. I do. Google for it, it’s not hard.

    Bill, the Blackberry already groups all the SMS mesages into one big thing that can be e-mailed. That’s a start.

    Timothy, there is an app called Call Cheater Manager that simulates a phone (phony) call. The idea is good, you don’t have to rely on anyone, just your acting skills. :-) It didn’t work for me, though. It’s too buggy.

    Well, if it has to be “just sheer frivolity”, I’d place my bet on an Orkut app. The site is not mobile-friendly at all. A cartoon strip reader wouldn’t be bad too. Or an app to have better access to some price comparison site…

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