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bThink LogoThis week, we’re looking at bThink from Perceptus, a light program for your BlackBerry designed simply to provide snoozable reminders with direct access to associated contacts’ e-mails and phone. BlackBerrys come preloaded with plenty of personal information management apps, like Tasks, Calendar, and Memopad - that really covers the big bases, and should take care of most people’s needs. That’s why bThink caught our eye; it was trying to bring something new to the PIM table. In a nutshell, bThink lets you create e-mail, call or blank reminders which link up with your Address Book and Tasks.

The user interface is pretty similar to your the standard Tasks layout. Reminders yet to come are shown as little bells, while reminders that have passed are checkmarks. The buzzing bee logo is nice touch, too. Usually with such business-oriented apps you don’t get to see anything especially friendly or colourful. The bThink options also provide a bunch of colours to skin the app with, from businessy gray to bright yellow.

For such a tiny app, it works incredibly tightly with the BlackBerry OS. For one, you can set an option to replicate reminders in your Tasks application. Initially, this seemed like a strange move, since you might as well just use Tasks in the first place and skip the middle man. My guess is this was so items sync up to Outlook properly, which usually reads from Tasks. bThink even works within the category structure set up by Tasks, so you can organize your chores a bit better.

Besides standard reminders, you can set e-mail and call reminders, which automatically fill in the Notes field with a phone number or e-mail address from your Address Book, and provides a link to perform the task when the reminder pops up. Changing display options is done through your BlackBerry’s Options, not an in-program menu item; you might even say that bThink hugs the OS a little too tightly.

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November 8th, 2007 at 3:27 pm

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