BlackBerry Unite! hitting American shores soon?


We just got word that BlackBerry Unite!, the small group solution that’s already being bundled free with BlackBerrys in Spain, is due in North America early in December. Talk about a merry Christmas, huh? BlackBerry Unite! will let up to 5 BlackBerrys share documents, photos, media, calendars, as well as enjoy added device security options. We trust it’ll be just as free as Telefonica’s offering, but you can never put it past a carrier to charge for the perks. File this one under rumors for now, but here’s hoping…

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  1. 1 BerryReview

    But the question is will they actually release it or just a press release. So far I have been scanning Spanish sites and nobody has gotten their hands on anything more than a demo even though it was announced quite awhile ago.

  2. 2 Jason Chapa

    Simon, does BBUnite! enable push synchronization to BIS blackberries, or do we still have to sync with a cable to get calendars, address book, etc.? Also, can I have my BB on a BES at work, but also use it with BBUnite! at home?

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    Jason, details are still a bit sketchy right now, but I’m pretty sure synchronization is wireless, so no need to get the cable out. As for BES and BIS compatability, I haven’t heard anything specifically, but I would guess that the software would work with both setups.

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