BlackBerry 8830 tops Handango software sales

HandangoHandango has announced their quarterly results, and sales for the BlackBerry 8830 has topped the device list. The new kids on the block might have all those fancy features like cameras and Wi-Fi, but the good ol’ BlackBerry 8830 has had time to cement its user base, and is now appreciating the popularity. As ever, the announcement includes the quarter’s top ten products by OS…

1. Ringtone Megaplex
2. VoiceControl
3. Ringphonic Lite
4. IM+
5. Colour Your Trackball
6. WorldMate Live Gold Membership
7. IM+ for Skype
8. Ringphonic
9. Crackberry Ringtones Deluxe
10. Aces Texas Hold’em - No Limit

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