BlackBerry 8130 comes to Allstream on the cheap

Not to be outdone by Telus or Bell, Canada’s other CDMA carrier has announced the BlackBerry 8130 for a mere $99.99 on a three year plan. As if that weren’t savings enough, you’ll also get 4 months of unlimited data usage and half price on voice and e-mail plans. It’s not showing up on their store yet, but should pop up in the next few days. Man, what a great time to live in Manitoba. That is, until the snow hits.

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Max Lee
November 23rd, 2007 at 2:07 am

Great… what an affordable pricing plan. Such wise policies will make people’s life impossible without BlackBerry.

Good thing is Mobile Conetnt of BlackBerry is becoming cheaper as well.. I picked some software for my 8300 from BlackBerrySoft. Had a great experience…

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