GSM captures 62% of market share


According to a study by 3G Americas, GSM market share has grown 9% in the last year, totalling up to 62% of the market. In Latin America and the Caribbean alone, that penetration hit a wooping 78%. CDMA, on the other hand, has dropped in subscribers by 2.5% to 193 million subscribers. The report also notes the broad strokes of this year in GSM worldwide:

400 UMTS/HSDPA devices launched by manufacturers.
193 UMTS networks commercial; additional 71 networks planned or in deployment.
152 commercial deployments of HSDPA in 67 countries.
148 joint EDGE/UMTS networks; 244 commercial EDGE networks in 128 countries.
17 HSUPA networks now commercial, with many more expected in 2008.

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  1. 1 Eshwar S

    I don’t think there is a drop in CDMA subscriber share just that CDMA market share has dropped not the actual number of subscribers..

    Plus I think this whole survey is just for the Western Hemisphere because GSM family has a much higher market share when you include Asia in the mix…

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