BlackBerry 8120 lands in Chile


Joining the Carphone Warehouse today, is Movistar with their announced BlackBerry 8120. The Wi-Fi Pearl is sporting titanium and blue colour schemes, running for about $285.900. Movistar has plans to be bumping this sucker out to other countries in the area. Speaking of which, I wonder how the 8310 has been spreading down there…? We have any South American readers who can let us know how it’s doing?

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  1. 1 Mikael

    Im a chilean reader of, congratulations for your fantastic site!

    Let me tell you how is the BB reality in Chile:
    The latest BBs release here has been the BB 8310 (the only one with GPS available) and now the BB 8120 (the only one with WiFi, but seems not working yet, I must check it that).

    We dont know any news about BB 8310 in my country. Maybe Movistar prefer sell just BB 8300 for GPS, because now is THE hot smartphone with GPS-service (since 1 month some chilean cities have street-gps-service).

    The others models our mobile market have are: 7130, 7290, 8100, 8300, 8700 and 8800 (without GPS service).

    Any comment or question, just write me or visit my website. Bye!

    Ps: Sorry my english.

    El primer sitio sobre BlackBerry en Chile
    The first website about BlackBerry in Chile

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