Weekly Contest: Mexican Standoff


The last of Canada’s big three carriers, Bell, just got a holiday plan set at $15/month for unlimited e-mail and BlackBerry Messenging, but the handset going for $99.99, thirty shy of Telus. To sum up: all three are offering those two services on the Pearl for $15/month with a three-year plan, but Telus is throwing in web browsing and charging $129.99 for the handset, Bell is missing the web browsing, but has the BlackBerry 8130 for only $99.99, and Rogers? Well, Rogers is only packing the 8100 at $99.99. Maybe they would do better to pimp out their BlackBerry 8310 some more.

By the looks of it, every carrier is offering something a little different, and the identical price points were no doubt determined so all three could carve up the earnings pie without stepping on one another’s toes. This week we’re asking: between these three carriers, who will win the holiday Mexican standoff? Given most of you don’t live in Canada, these three Pearl plans make for a close competition that is tricky to call at this point. My bets are on Telus right now, but what do you think? Whoever makes the best case for their preferred deal will win Magmic’s two newest games, Brain Up: Clash of the Sexes and Texas Hold ‘Em 2.

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  1. 1 Futurdreamz

    GPRS, Telus first

  2. 2 Bla1ze

    Telus is gonna kill on this one…so far all the info I seen was based on the Ontario site regarding the plan, so I rmoved the ON from the link and replaced with NS to make certain it was applicable for Nova Scotia as well…also took the time to call the local Telus shop in Dartmouth, NS just to confirm for myself, the rep I spoke to said they were selling more Pearls in the past 2 days then anything else..Rogers took the baby step but Telus took the leap here…so what they are offering the Pearl (with 4.3 mind you) @ $129.99 i’d rather pay that difference then and have the security of knowing i’ll have NO overages on web browsing heck for that matter even just have the web capabilities, where Bell and Rogers do NOT include it…Telus is gonna kill em all in this case, here’s hoping Rogers will step up to the plate and include the web browsing, cause I can’t go back to a Pearl…I love my curve too much.

  3. 3 IMBOLC

    Telus should easily win. They were first out with the device and a silver one and started the $15 offer. Also they have the best deal now with $129.99 for the device and unlimited data for $15. On top of that the best service with EVDO which is the fastest. Faster than a dog chasing a cat chasing a mouse chasing a piece of cheese that’s been shot out of a bazooka.The Silver Bullet wins

  4. 4 PUMPKIN

    I have never seen or held a BlackBerry. I would love to win one and join civilization. From what I’ve read Telus should easily win. I have been a caregiver for 8 years and re-entering the workforce and no onewould be more grateful. Sincerely.

    Thank you/Merci !

  5. 5 Susan Anthony

    Feliz Navidad - Telus looks like the winner in this Mexican standoff!

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