iotum gets funding, develops free Facebook conference calling

Remember when we visited iotum awhile back? They’re the developers of Talk-Now, which lets you check the availability status of peers, as well as set your own. In addition to being able to set alerts for when someone’s status changes, you can make calls directly from their contact list user interface. Anyway, that’s old news. Lately, iotum has been working on a Facebook application for free conference calls with your friends, which, needless to say, is awesome. (Hey, while you’re off checking the app, why dont’cha join BBCool’s Facebook page too?) Obviously this has impressed someone with deep pockets, since Verdexus General Partner Randall Howard has bought his way onto iotum’s board of directors as chairman for an undisclosed amount. Although we might have a soft spot for local companies, they’re pumping out innovative software based on platforms we know and love, so it’s good to hear iotum’s getting the funding to keep doing their thing.

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