OS 4.3 packing stereo Bluetooth support?

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Kevin has had a chance to play around with OS 4.3 on the BlackBerry 8100 and found that it supports A2DP, a feature previously found only on the Curve and later Pearl models. As a guy who’s stuck listening to podcasts on the dinky mono earbud with his Pearl, I’m pretty excited about the news. With any luck the stereo Bluetooth support will also hit the 8800 whenever OS 4.3.1 becomes publicly available.

  • Zoro
    Where is this update for the BB 8100 ??? Its almost a year later and still no stereo bluetooth support for the 8100
  • Michael
    I just purchased the Plantronics Voyager 855, and it works well with my Verizon Wireless 8830. All controls work:
    - Music controls: start/stop, next/previous track, volume, etc.
    - Call controls: answer, voicedial, redial, mute, etc.

    Audio quality is not great, though it's light and comfortable. Enjoy.
  • Paul
    I'm actually not sure if the update came out for the GSM version of the phone (8800), but the latest 4.2.2 update for the 8830 already added A2DP. I've been using it on mine for months. Hope it helps.
  • icantremember
    ive got bluetooth stereo on my 8830 (since upgraded OS, but had it from the beginning)...
  • Dan The Man
    Yep, this is right.
  • ljbad4life
    Ummm my sprint 8830 has had a2dp (stereo bluetooth) since it was launched in july with os 4.2
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