BlackBerry 8120 lands in the UK

O2 has just released the BlackBerry 8120 in the UK today, packing Wi-Fi along with the usual new Pearl goodies (3.5mm headphone jack, OS 4.3, sideloading microSD slot, SureType) in a fetching blue case. There’s been a lot going on with the 8130 lately, but we can’t forget the long-lost cousin overseas, eh? Are any of you holding out through the hypestorm for the Wi-Fi version to land here in North America? Any of our UK readers can pick one of these up over here.

6 Responses to “BlackBerry 8120 lands in the UK”

  1. 1 Bill Andrews

    Any clue if T-Mobile will pick this up for the States?

  2. 2 Adam

    This cellphone rocks!! I can’t wait to my my hands in one of them.
    I saw this review video and got amazed about this phone:
    The only thing I miss is VOIP functions.. But that’s not a big problem..
    What’s you guys opinion about this phone?

  3. 3 Favorite Browser

    What’s the price without any contract?

  4. 4 BlackBerry Cool Simon
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