BoxTone releases asset management module

Today BoxTone has busted out a new asset management module, which will let BES admins track volume, inventory and security of BlackBerry devices, as well as pinpoint inactive BlackBerrys which are uselessly draining your enterprise’s budget. They’ve got a slew of other modules, including one for help desk personnel. BoxTone is a BES administration system very similar to Zenprise with a few twists. For one, they support Lotus Domino servers in addition to Exchange. Secondly, BoxTone has a core product for which you can buy additional modules that expand the basic functionality, this way BoxTone can be tailored to whatever your BES setup is like.

There’s been some debate over the differences between the Zenprise and BoxTone (mainly revolving around the presence of a web-based interface), but we’re going to be taking a closer look at both real soon just to see what the key selling points are. If you’ve got any experience with either, feel free to drop a comment.

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  1. 1 jibi

    I’ve been testing BoxTone since June and have recently implemented it into our production BES infrastructure. As mentioned in the linked thread, there was a reason BoxTone was selected for us (outside of the ever-important web-based console). The asset management module is just another reason to add to the bucket. I’m looking forward to getting the BAM module in our little sandbox and playing around it.

    …more to come from my hands-on perspective, as well.

  2. 2 Ray

    Several months ago, we were facing serious message delivery and rescan delays in our BlackBerry environment. For a few weeks, our BES Admins, RIM, our Networking team and Microsoft scurried to find a resolution. Once this catastrophe was resolved, we decided we MUST find a resource to better monitor our BlackBerry environment. We looked at several products and ended up picking Boxtone, not only because their product did exactly what we wanted, but also because they were constantly working to improve their product and add enhancements. On several occasions, I have asked about an additional feature they might consider for their product only to be told it will be available in their next release. I attended a technology conference earlier this year where a vendor was marketing a similar product. When I mentioned we already had Boxtone in production, he simply said, “Oh, well you really don’t need our product.”

    Their customer service is also outstanding. After having Boxtone in production for some time now, I can honestly say I am embarrased at how we use to manage our BES environment. Also, because our BES support is outsourced to a third party company, I regularly use Boxtone to keep our BES Admins in check.

    If you are considering a monitoring and notification tool for your BES environment, or simply need an added resource for end user support, it would be in your best interest to consider Boxtone.

  3. 3 Emil

    Working in a small environment and still needing a solution to fit our environments specific technical needs as well as our limited budget for a monitoring solution was why we decided to switch from Boxtone to Zenprise monitoring for our mail system.

    We have used both in the past and altho both are good solutions we found Zenprise to be a better fit for our small environment. The support team at Zenprise took into consideration our specific technical needs and have released versions of their software integrating our requests.

    The Zenprise alerts that come in are accurate and that is another feature we found beneficial to us compared to other monitoring products. I would recommend Zenprise to any small company on a budget still looking to get a good product.

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