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More details on RIM’s internal stock options

Nov 23, 2007: 

RIM’s new internal stock management will now allow executives and others to only sell stocks on a predetermined schedule.

Carphone Warehouse carries BlackBerry 8120

Nov 23, 2007: 

The UK’s largest handset outlet is now packing the Wi-Fi Pearl across 3 carriers, and with the right plan, you can grab the 8120 for free.

Pearl skins that play mind games

Nov 23, 2007: 

DecalGirl’s skins include matching background images so your Pearl’s casing melts seamlessly with your screen. Optical illusions rock.

Telus fires back at Rogers with their own cheap plan

Nov 23, 2007: 

Canadian carrier Telus is now packing their own $15/month plan, which includes unlimited web browsing in addition to e-mail and messaging. With the 8130 to back them up, Telus is set for Christmas.

Viigo adds UK traffic alerts

Nov 22, 2007: 

Everyone’s favourite RSS reader has a little something extra for our UK readers.

Two new themes hit bPlay

Nov 22, 2007: 

Mac or Windows? Two of bPlay’s newest themes let you pick which side of the fight you’re on.

BlackBerry Cool adds Facebook fan page

Nov 22, 2007: 

If you’re on Facebook, you can now show your colours and display your BBCool fandom right on your profile. Check it out!

Opera Mini tops a million downloads in 10 days

Nov 22, 2007: 

The latest version of Opera Mini has been selling like hotcakes. Rather, it would be if it wasn’t free. Hey, what’s a hotcake anyway?

GSM captures 62% of market share

Nov 22, 2007: 

GSM usage has gone up 9% in the last year and CDMA down 3.5%. Will a continuing trend eventually squeeze CDMA out of the picture?

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