Telus and Bell slash BlackBerry 8130 prices


If Telus’ $15 Pearl plan wasn’t enough to rope you in since it’s just e-mail, browsing and IM, maybe you’d like to hear that both Telus and Bell are offering the BlackBerry 8130 for free on a 3-year plan that includes $45 monthly fee or more. Of course, this deal is only for the Christmas season, so you’ve only got until the end of the month to get in on the action. With that, both casual BlackBerry users and the more hardcore ones both get a deal, and Rogers is totally left in the dust.

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  1. 1 u are misinformed

    the telus $15 BB plan includes unlimited browsing too. i don’t know where you heard it doesn’t, but it does. was first 250MB and now it’s unlimited.

    good until dec. 21st i think

  2. 2 Tanya

    I can confirm that we are cleaning house because I work for Telus, in sales. The $15 plan does indeed include unlimited web browsing, just for your information:)

  3. 3 Jake

    The Telus plan, as you reported before, also includes web browsing (actually, the dealer I went through claimed “unlimited data”.) I can’t find a confirmation anywhere that the Bell $7 plan (or if they have a $15/BIS plan) is being offered for the 8130 though. It’d be good to have it cleared up though.

  4. 4 Jake

    Ack, never mind. I just checked comments for the previous article and Bell definitely offers a $15/BIS plan:

    but it specifically indicates that Web browsing isn’t enabled, likely just through not enabling the BlackBerry Internet Browsing service or not deploying the service book. I assume this is how Rogers offers their plan as well.

  5. 5 Bla1ze

    Rogers = IM,Email Unlimited-NO WEB
    Bell = IM,Email Unlimited-NO WEB
    Telus = IM,Email,Web Unlimited

    there, cleared up..

  6. 6 PC

    Telus’ unlimited data applies to 8130 Pearl ONLY— according to the Telus reps I spoke to.

  7. 7 jacob

    does anyone have a copy of the bulletin that announced this? I need a paper copy. BAD.

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