Weekly Contest: The Best of 2007

2007In the rush of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget that 2007 is quickly drawing to a close. It’s been a good year for BlackBerry, hasn’t it? We got a ton of new devices, like the BlackBerry 8800 way back in February, the Curve in May, and the 8120 and 8130 in just this October, but new services like BlackBerry Unite and the Mobile Voice System still loom on the horizon. Although we have 4 to 5 new devices to look forward in 2008, we do enough forward-looking speculation around here. For a change, let’s look back and remember the good times of 2007. This week, we ask: what was the best moment for BlackBerry this year? The one who can conjure up the most teary-eyed nostalgia will get their pick of one fine Curve or Pearl skin from DecalGirl.

It’s clear from all the enthusiastic replies last week, everyone has high hopes for Wireless Giant’s BlackBerry outlet, but Keith’s post really brought in some sobering ideas that might anchor our expectations somewhere realistic. A crowded local market, high expenses, and few buyers are all problems that could stop the BlackBerry store dead in its tracks. Still, here’s hoping that it can make it through the new year. Thanks everyone for your input, and we hope to hear from you next week!

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5 Responses to “Weekly Contest: The Best of 2007”

  1. 1 dan giroux

    the best moment in rim’s 2007 lineup would have to be the 8100 series. they finally brought out a consumer device that killed the competition in the market. I live in canada and work for a third party company (glentel inc.) that sells rogers, bell, solo, and fido, and the biggest seller this christmas season has got to be the $0 pearl 2 with Bell Mobility. Not only does the pearl 2 (as they dubbed it) blow the original pearl out of he water,it also packs a 2 mega pixel camera, GPS and bell released a 15 DOLLAR unlimited email and bb messenger plan for it! this ushers in a new era for the canadian market and as such builds a new market for data costs. I congratulate RIM for finally making their carriers think twice about data costs and for the competitive matket that canada brings to the market. as we have been spending to much on data for quite some time. Thank you RIM and thank you Bell for bringing such a great product to the market and for making it such an easy goal to obtain!

    to all those looking for a pearl 2, i suggest the Preffered all in 30 with the Unlimited data! this hits the $0! and also for 10 more bucks gives you 2500 or UNLIMITED text which is huge for only $55 bucks a month! thank you Bell! and thank you RIM!

  2. 2 Bla1ze

    Hahaha!! I’m still waiting for my 2 games simon…

    But in regards to this topic their were alot of advancements in 2007 with RIM and BlackBerry devices,as mentioned BB Unite was released although it was not world wide it will be coming to everyone eventually,but imo the crowning moment for RIM was the launch of the Curve series, although it was kinda flawed with the 8300 being launched then almost immed. after the 8310 which may have upset alot of users, the Curve series did what the Pearl series did earlier, it pushed the Blackberry device more into the mainstream while still maintaining the “business” aspect as well, then of course the releasing the WiFi enabled devices such as the 8320 as well as the 8820 and then almost at the end of the year the 8130 series, with RIM indicating at least 5 new device in the coming year and speculation on the 9XXX Series we have all been reading about it seems as though 2008 is going to be a great year as well, keeping the steam going from 2007.

  3. 3 Alicia

    The Curve with WiFi so that I could finally adopt my first ever BB on TMo. I absolutely love this phone and will now be a permanent BB user.

    The other big news from RIM that I loved is the fact that they are opening the first BB store in the US.

  4. 4 Kyle S.

    This was definitely in the closing hours of the year, but the new possible 9XXX device was definitely a shocker and I think, most importantly will have people talking and wondering well into 2008.

    Documents to go on Blackberry I think comes in close second because I know that it would immediately become one of the most useful applications on my Blackberry and it would undoubtedly increase many people’s productivity significantly.

  5. 5 gerard barnes

    I would like to win a free blackberry in 2008

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