Happy Holidays!

BBCoolWe hope you guys are enjoying your holidays so far with good eats, good friends, good family, and a few good presents! The world keeps turning, though, and we’ve got a few quick BlackBerry stories to hook you up with before we get back to our own revelry.

-Cytamobile launches BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8310: The Pearl’s going for €340 and the GPS Curve for €408,35 from the Cyprus carrier.

-SmartGlove offers help for BlackBerry thumb: $23 glove from IMAK braces your thumb when the arthritis starts building up. A New Zealand kid could use it for his case of Texting Tenosynovitis.

-Beta OS 4.3 leaked for BlackBerry 8100: We hear it’s glitchy, but you can look it up on The Pirate Bay if you want to give it a shot.

-BlackBerry 8320 lands in Phillipines: Smart carries the Wi-Fi Curve, joining the 8800 and the Pearl, and ousting the old Curve.

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