Happy New Year!

BBCoolGearing up for the coming of ‘08? We are, that’s for sure. Here’s a few quick stories to tide y’all over before we get back on track January 7th.

-Gadget use hurts sleeping habits: Docs at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre say that checking your evening e-mail is “the equivalent to drinking a double espresso last thing at night”; leave the BlackBerry alone for an hour before hitting the sack to get a full night’s rest.

-EVE Online BlackBerry App - Keep an eye on skill training times and market orders. Check out the game, I’m Nick Lanks, set up in Solitude.

-ColorWare to offers Curve, Pearl and 8800 recolouring: Ship your BlackBerry in to these guys to get a custom polymer coating. Probably costing $99 bucks and up, based on SideKick prices - think I’ll stick to DecalGirl.

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