BlackBerry 9000 to be EDGE-only?

BlackBerry 9000Okay, you can drop the booing and hissing, we know it would suck, but it’s all gossip until the thing comes out. Keep in mind that this is just for the first iteration of the series, the BlackBerry 9000, and that the previously-rumored 9100 should still have 3G. Outside of that, the rumors are also telling us the 9000 will be packing quad-band GSM/GPRS, QWERTY keyboard, support a, g and b flavours of Wi-Fi, and a 480 x 320 screen like the 9100. Nothing’s been said for sure about a touchscreen, and I’m partial to the idea that it’s just wishful thinking on a lot of people’s parts.

2 Responses to “BlackBerry 9000 to be EDGE-only?”

  1. 1 John-Peter Bradford

    Except for the added speed for GPS apps, I can’t see the practicality of 3G for GSM Blackberries in Canada — until surfing the net via a Blackberry becomes cheaper, that is. So, failing a January thaw in Rogers data pricing, the 9000 with EDGE might be OK.

  2. 2 max sommerkamp

    Hi there.what the bb client wants:a blackberry with normal keys like8707 the letters and symbols not supersmall,not a broken finger to get the sim out and in!would be fine to have iskoot skype for blackberry installed!

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