BlackBerry Curve comes to Guam

GuamFollowing another recent Pacific release, the tiny U.S. territory of Guam is getting the BlackBerry 8300 from GTA TeleGuam. The Curve joins the Pearl, the 8800 and the 8700 in GTA’s BlackBerry lineup, filling out the selection nicely. Man, that is one tiny island, 209 square miles - I bet the reception great.

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  1. 1 Rodney Santos

    Hi… I would also like to mention that the telecommunications company I work for “Guamcell Communications” also has a line up of Blackberry’s. We offer both CDMA and GSM coverage throughout the island. We just unleashed blackberry with models such as the Dual Mode CDMA/GSM World Edition Phone 8830, the 8300 Curve and the 8100 Pearl in White and Black. Although we aquired our GSM Network through a recent buy out of another telecommunications company all of which is brought to you buy DoCoMo via way of Japan. We have more to offer here on the island, We are the number one cellular company provider and will remain this way throughout the Mariana Islands.

  2. 2 Ron Brigman

    Guamcell is now Docomo Pacific.

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