BlackBerry stacked up against the competition in Consumer Reports

Consumer ReportsThere’s already been some griping about BlackBerry’s performance in Consumer Reports‘ ‘08 issue, and it might be well-justified. The BlackBerry Curve landed in 7th. place, the Pearl in 12th., the 8800 in 14th., and the 8830 in 19th. out of 20 smartphones tested. Two Treos (755p and 680), T-Mobile’s Wing, the BlackJack and the Moto Q 9m beat out the BlackBerry 8300, with the iPhone topping the list.

Basically, that means everyone who matters in smartphones did better than BlackBerry. Suprisingly, the Nokia N95 (which I had heard great things about) was down in 15th. place. The biggest thing to keep in mind before launching into a CR-hating tirade is that you really have to take these things with a grain of salt. CR’s overall scores were “based mainly on voice quality, ease of use, and talk time”, which can all vary based on user, location and carrier. I haven’t used any of the other top 5, so can’t really pass judgement. Anyone have some horror stories about the leaders, and why they might not deserve top marks?

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  1. 1 aaron

    The other thing that you need to keep in mind with CR is that it is CONSUMER targeted. When I was working the construction trades I would look at CR ratings of cordless drills. Consistently they rated highly the trash models with some fancy feature but no speed or torque. These in fact were the best tools for someone who planned to use it every month or so, and couldn’t justify $200.
    The same holds true in most of their ratings. If you use a smartphone every day for you job, if reliability, stability, and integration with a company system are the things driving your purchase, then you may not be the target audience of this review.

    You get what you measure. Let the study say what it wants, I base my decisions on my own needs and weight the information accordingly.

  2. 2 New BB Convert

    I got a BB8830 because my wife has loved her work-supplied BB for three years. I used a MotoQ for a year … actually, I had three Qs and four batteries in a year. The Final Straw(tm) was when Windows Mobile and Windows Vista stopped talking to each other. Battery life was non-existent - I gave up my data plan because actually using the data sucked the battery dry (less than 2 hours from full charge).

    I could go on… the Q will be a target the next time I go to a range.

  3. 3 nik

    i work at att and we get more returns on treos than any other smartphone. the blackjack has pretty weak reception too, the phone is not actually quadband gsm, samsung decided to use a triband chipset and thought no one would notice. i noticed.

  4. 4 Stewie

    Does anyone know what the rest of the rankings are?

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