New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging

RetainTracking e-mail through a BES is easy enough, but SMS text messaging from a BlackBerry has been a little trickier for admins. GWAVA has just released Retain, a clientless archiving system that aims to solve the issue. It installs on your BES in a half hour, and will keep track of all PIN and SMS messages, as well as phone logs. This sounds like a solid option for enterprises that want to be ready for audits and enforce their IT policy with an iron fist.

2 Responses to “New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging”

  1. 1 Greg

    BES (version >= 4.1) can already do this…

  2. 2 Richard Bliss

    The BES logs the data but does not provide any means of organizing, reporting, or storing the data for practical use and recovery. Retain i