New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging

RetainTracking e-mail through a BES is easy enough, but SMS text messaging from a BlackBerry has been a little trickier for admins. GWAVA has just released Retain, a clientless archiving system that aims to solve the issue. It installs on your BES in a half hour, and will keep track of all PIN and SMS messages, as well as phone logs. This sounds like a solid option for enterprises that want to be ready for audits and enforce their IT policy with an iron fist.

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  1. 1 Greg

    BES (version >= 4.1) can already do this…

  2. 2 Richard Bliss

    The BES logs the data but does not provide any means of organizing, reporting, or storing the data for practical use and recovery. Retain is providing a means for immediate reports to be generated that help IT organizations figure out who is using the devices, how much they are using, with whom they are communicating, and what those communications are saying. All of this information is being pulled from the BES log files.

    At WES 2007 GWAVA presented material about the product but it wasn’t shipping. This announcement is extremely new because it hasn’t shipped until now.

  1. 1 New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging - : Your Number One BlackBerry Community

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