Thailand gets Wi-Fi Curve

TrueMoveJust after Singapore’s BlackBerry 8320 release, RIM issues an announcement of the same device just around the proverbial block. Thai carrier True Move is now packing the Wi-Fi Curve, but no word on price from their online catalogue. It’s safe to assume the device will be making more rounds in the neighbourhood soon.

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  1. 1 kitty

    I just bought the Curve from another Thai service, AIS, for US$830. True and AIS are the only Blackberry services in Thailand but the coverage sucks — only within Bangkok.

  2. 2 Red

    I bought BlackBerry Curve 8320 in US. How do I install thai language in the device? At least, how can I make it read thai language, such an email or something like that?

  3. 3 koi

    if i am in usa can i load front to my black berry pearl 8120 here

  4. 4 Green

    Coverage in Thailand isnt Bangkok only. Ive been using BB here for a while and havent had any problem with coverage so far.

  5. 5 mon

    I have Blakberry Curve 8320, How can I make it work here in Thailand ?? My friend just gave it to me today!! Please help.

  6. 6 Patrick

    I live in Koh Samui. Do you know if AIS coverage is reliable in this part of Thailand?

  7. 7 Steve

    you can go to and buy a unlock code and you can use Thai sim-card. Good luck.

  8. 8 Bobby Lecher

    There is a small company in Rayong which also sells Blackberry. They shipped it to me in Bangkok and never any issue and good support (foreigner available there).
    They sell 8310 for 19,000 so much cheaper than AIS and True. Also they carry accesories. Their web-site is
    Hope that helps.
    by the way, new Blackberry Bold has Thai Support with the East Asia language pack.


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