How to keep tabs on all your social networks


Viigo singleSpeaking of Viigo, they’ve recently posted a tip on how to keep an eye on a bunch of your networks on your BlackBerry through a little something called Plaxo. What Plaxo does is tap into your various online services like Facebook, Digg, Yelp, Twitter, and the like, and funnels all the events happening in them to a feed called the Pulse, which can be broken up into Friends, Family, Business and Me streams. From Plaxo you can create RSS feeds which you can pop into Viigo via the Add Web Feed option. Since I started using the Flock browser, I’ve gotten a nice taste of this growing multi-network shtick, and it’s hard to deny the appeal if you use any one of them. In fact, having a bunch of services under one roof often gets you involved with new networks you hadn’t known about before.