Weekly Contest: The New Year

Obviously the BlackBerry 8900 is the biggest thing on our minds right now, but there’s still a lot of 2008 to look forward to, and if the rumors of a May release are to believed, that leaves plenty of room for a few more devices. It’s been said by a RIM exec that we can expect four to five new BlackBerrys this year, so your mission this week is to name ‘em. Maybe a touchscreen is still in the cards…? Maybe we’ll see an 8910 before the year’s out, but what would it have, if it’s already got Wi-Fi and GPS? Maybe the 8300 and 8100 series will see a next generation upgrade like the 8800? Make a solid case for the upcoming BlackBerry lineup, and win a copy of the fine BlackBerry music-player, FlipSide, now featuring Last.fm support.

Hooah, lots of entries last week. Lots of people wanted to weigh in on the touchscreen issue, and for the most part, folks weren’t missing the lack of a touchscreen and were reasonably interested in the 8900 (although not jump-up-and-down excited). Dan did an especially good job of positioning the new device as a solid single choice for consumers, while also going over why slider and touchscreen designs just won’t fly. The DecalGirl skin is yours, Dan! Thanks for all the interest folks, and we hope to see you again this week!

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3 Responses to “Weekly Contest: The New Year”

  1. 1 Dan

    Sweet. How do I get the DecalGirl skin Simon? Note there were two Dan’s who posted a comment. Mine was he second one referring to the touch screen & slide.

  2. 2 Bla1ze

    Well with so many rumors and “news” surrounding the 8XXX aka 9XXX device who knows any more…but to play the game I still get the feeling that the 89XX as we will call it for now lol, is a start of the new designs to soon be implemented in the 9XXX series, I feel as though we will be seeing a newly designed curve 93XX series based on the form factor of the 89XX device, just a different keyboard of course, the “Pearl” form factor for the most part will be staying similar to the current existing ones due to the fact so many versions have been released in the past lil while…ie 8110,8130,8120 etc..possibly come out sporting a 91XX Version with a new style keyboard but nothing drastic form factor wise..so look at what we have already…the 89XX being an 88XX successor…the 81XX Series with not many changes….The 83XX Series sporting styling accents from the 89XX series…that just leaves the 88XX series left..but wait..those vodafone slides indicated that the 89XX was gonna be and 88XX successor…right?…lol…well that leaves an open door…I see a new device coming into play here…i’ll hold back on a numerical value for it at this point, but I’m thinking this “new” device will be the one that comes with the touchscreen…I base this on the fact that all the series of devices so far people have become comfortable with..they know them…they love them…to make any DRASTIC changes in those devices such as adding touchscreen may not be well taken…new processors, new OS’s, yes…but a complete overhaul…nawww…let that be the opening for a new device.. just my take on it all, that basically breaks down the 4-5 new devices thing…but alas, I could be talking out of my arse here and be totally off base in all of this, only time will tell and I’ll be the brunt of a few jokes lmao!!

  3. 3 Alex D.

    Well first of all I think that a touchscreen will be a little ways off. RIM has always stuck with the basics and focused on certain features that they could do well at the time. Once they got the email down and done really well they started focusing on other features and always lagged behind on the next step. They don’t appear to release features to “keep up with the Joneses” (or Apples).
    The next device up will probably be the next revision of the 8300 that has all of the above features (camera, wifi, and gps) in one device. Maybe an 8350 or something. Then they can release their 89xx series with the same features but a bump in specs.
    I think they may also try a new consumer level entry with a slider keyboard.
    Eventually 3G GSM or WiMax connectivity will be implemented as well.

    Overall they will continue to tweak the specs and improve what is working now for a bit and then finally could move in to the touch screen realm at their leisure.

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