MobileRated offering a ton of free games

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The guys over at BBGeeks just linked up a stunning amount of free games available for your BlackBerry at MobileRated. Of course, you’ve got to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and the more ambitious project, like the Legend of Zelda port, the more bugs you’ll see. On the flip side, you can expect simpler games, like Dope Wars, to run pretty stable. One way or the other, it’s hard to argue with free games, so take your picks and enjoy!

  • gene
    same here...

    got a couple of games to install, but would never get past the opening splash screen...

    (using a BB Pearl 8130)
  • daniel
    Same problem here with Dope Wars OTA. Gave me an error and had a file size of 0kb
  • Bill Andrews
    Same here
  • Wayne
    Same result. Nothing.
  • Plat
    Great list, but can't get any of the mobilerated games to install. Including Dope Wars (bad COD file). Any ideas???
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