New Rogers data plans en route for hardcore users

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Oh, man. It’s so great that those Christmas deals weren’t just a one-off exception to the rule of crappy Canadian data rates. We’re getting word that some new PC card data plans from Rogers are on the way, which could point to some better BlackBerry rates, too. What kind of plans you ask? How does $100 for 5 GB sound? Well, considering we’re getting 200 MB for that much right now, it sounds pretty sweet. That’s the top tier mind you - things start at $65 for 1 GB, $75 for 2 GB, and $85 for 3 GB, capping off at $100 for 5 GB. Best part, instead of overage charges per kilobyte, you’ll now get bumped up to the next tier automatically if you go over, which sounds totally fair. Right on, Rogers!

  • Mo
    TELUS Mobility is still offering unlimited data plans on all of their Blackberry's & PDA's for $15 a month. Unlimited PC Connect Card rate is $100 a month for usage anywhere in North America.
  • too little too late
    Telus offers unlimited data, hotspots and us roaming for $100 and Bell has unlimited data for $75. Both were out way before the start of this plan (jan 10) nice try but no cigar
  • D'oh, clearly got way too excited seeing those numbers. Thanks for pointing it out, guys.
  • Andrae Griffith
    It's progress for sure, but to take Toronto Mayor David Miller's comments completely out of context:

    "We have to demand better."
  • Kevin
    The Engadget Article says for PC Cards..not for BlackBerrys. I think BlackBerry users will have to wait a bit longer still for reasonable data rates.
  • Wayne
    This is for Windows mobile devices... "Rogers' Flex Rate Plan for PC Cards" We can only hope that us BlackBerry users get something good soon too!
  • Stephen
    Telus is offering an unlimited data plan for $15/month
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