Pink Pearl good to go


Pink PearlThe Verizon BlackBerry 8130 spotted in pink back at CES is set to launch this Friday. All the usual goodies, like 2 megapixel camera with 5 x digital zoom and video recording, EV-DO network support, GPS, and an externally-accessibly microSD slot, are there, available for $199.99 on a two-year plan. You can get another $100 off if you pick up a “qualifying” voice and data plan. Anyone have a Valentine they want to win over with gadgetry?

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  1. 1 Steve

    Why the hell is it notworthy evey time Rim announces a new color of the 8130 AKA Pearl. Is it because they are so slow to release new models that the color is big news. Under preformace disguised! I’m not fooled.

  2. 2 Robin Ritter

    I have a razor motorola is that a verizon or at and t phone
    I have a contract with them but i want this pink pearl blackberry. What can I do to get out of my contract and get this phone? Can you send me some info on this phone to my home with plans and prices my daughter will want one too. We have an add on line for 9.99 extra a month
    My home address is
    Robin Ritter
    12415 Lord Fairfax Hwy.
    Boyce, VA. 22620
    if you want to you could also eamil me the information.
    Thank you

  3. 3 Renee

    I have been holding out on getting the pearl and now that I am eligible for the blackberry will the the Pink Pearl be available through AT & T’s service? thanks.

  4. 4 sara

    Yes Renee. AT&T does have the pink Blackberry pearl so does Verizon, but Alltel only has red and black.

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