Viigo gets updated, includes Google Reader support

Viigo released a little update today, the biggest change being support for feed aggregators like Google Reader. There’s also a few ads from American Express kicking around… They’re few and far between, pretty nondescript, and don’t distract too much from your reading. Aside from that, Viigo’s seen a few usability changes, like taking out the My Channels bar to make a bit more room for feeds, as well as supporting native fonts. I’ve had a few issues with Viigo’s feed menu text size when trying out new themes, so the native font support is a nice addition. There’s also a new E-Mail to Me menu option from articles, for when you’re sure you want to look at something on the big screen later on. As for aggregators, Viigo is now allowing you to add existing OPML files from aggregators such as Google Reader, My Yahoo! and Bloglines. It’s a bit tricky to find, though - go to Add Channels, Add your own channel, and Add Aggregator.

For those who haven’t tried it out, Viigo is a great little thing that lets you bring all of your RSS feeds under one roof for quick reading, as well as providing an impressive catalogue of feeds to allow you to find new content. I’m tempted to not call it an RSS reader anymore, since I’ve been getting promises galore from the Viigo guys that RSS is just the beginning. Cryptic, no? It’s a great little app, it’s free, and you can pick up BBCool’s version right here, or over the air at

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