BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 14

BBCoolThis week we take a look at RIM’s presence at Lotusphere (namely their announcement of a Lotus Connections client for BlackBerry), the possibility of OS 4.5 and a CDMA Curve around WES, the BlackBerry 8110 launch, and a bunch of red and pink BlackBerrys just in time for Valentines. You can listen here, or through iTunes which should be working now.

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3 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 14”

  1. 1 jim

    Why am I unable to listen to the link suppllied on my 8830?
    These links just do not seem to work on a Blackberry, so I can’t help wondering what the point is.

  2. 2 David B

    @jim: never been able to get any BBCool podcast to “play” or “download” to MY 8830. I always have to hook up to my desktop machine, and download the podcast via desktop web