CDMA Curve landing before WES?

Question markBBSync is tossing out a rumor that we’ll see a CDMA Curve before the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in May. It doesn’t sound that far-fetched at all, certainly a valid contender for our Weekly Contest. The recent 8130 launch clearly gave our CDMA-using brothers a taste of BlackBerry love, and there’s no doubt that they’re looking for more. The Curve would fill that last gap in RIM’s CDMA line, but leaves us to wonder how long it will take for the BlackBerry 9000 to squeeze in there after it’s released. CDMA providers are still lacking in Wi-Fi BlackBerrys, so the 9000 could really hit the spot.

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  1. 1 CanyonR

    I can attest to the lack of love that CDMA (contract bound) users are feeling. I can only hope that it actually ships before my contract expires in 10 months.

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