LiquidTalk launches for BlackBerry

Another announcement out of DEMO ‘08 is LiquidTalk for BlackBerry, who provide a system of podcastifying corporate intelligence and pushing it out to employees packing an iPhone, iPod or BlackBerry. The whole thing sounds vaguely reminiscent of Chalk Mobile, who also facilitate push multimedia to a workforce, as well as gather feedback, but LiquidTalk sounds like they’re focusing more on the audio end of things.

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1 Response to “LiquidTalk launches for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Dave Peak, CEO

    Hi Simon,

    As CEO of LiquidTalk, I wanted to thank you for mentioning us in your LiquidTalk for BlackBerry article.

    To clarify, we absolutely support videos on Blackberry. In fact, when we do DEMO 08 tomorrow at 2:08 PST, we will demo some video that was synched to a Blackberry via LiquidTalk’s solution. Your readers can see this demo LIVE by going to at the above time. The more we can get it used like an iPhone in terms of multimedia, the better.

    We have a secure on-demand application (software as a service) that manages an employer’s multimedia (audio and video)and synchs it (wired or wirelessly) to a Blackberry, iPhone, or iPod and more. The applicaton kind of looks like an iTunes for Business on the web, except that it is YOUR business, and instead of managing music, we manage an employer’s proprietary content in a video and audio format. We then synch that to the device.

    Feel free to ask any questions or go to for more info.