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If you’ve never used Newsgator and have a healthy collection of RSS feeds to keep tabs on, for shame - it’s a great reader with not only a browser-based client, but one for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Previously a commercial product, they’re offering their readers for free as of the latest upgrade. Viigo’s been free from the get-go, and it’s good to see other providers taking a hint. The biggest difference between the two is that NewsGator allows you to clip stories for later use, and for bloggin’ folk that’s pretty appealing. To give it a shot, head on over here.

6 Responses to “NewsGator Go now free”

  1. 1 Lee

    Don’t know if it was this post that did it, but their site is down.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool

    Seems to be back up…

  3. 3 purpleish

    When was the last update to the program? I ran into problems in May 2009, and switched back to Viigo (which had fixed a problem with google reader integration at this point). I read something somewhere mentioning handmark purchased Newsgator?

    Are there any updates to the status?

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