Monthly Archive for February, 2008

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 19


BBCoolSimon Sage runs down the news for the last week of February, including RIM’s latest patent filing, the new UK owner’s lounge, RIM’s climbing stock, as well as talking with Leuk Andersen about Forms2Mobile, and Nicholas Reichenbach from Magmic for our Exhibitor spotlight. You can grab the MP3 directly here, over iTunes, or from our podcast feed.

Weekly Contest reminder


BBCoolOur Design a BlackBerry Skin Weekly Contest is ongoing, featuring a great prize pack, including the creation of the winning skin design, 10 skins of your choice from DecalGirl, a copy of BlackBerry music player FlipSide, and any 3 games or themes from Bplay. We’ve only got some great submissions between two artists, so if you’ve got more than one design, feel free to e-mail completed PSD files to simon at blackberrycool dot com! (You can grab the templates back in the original contest post.) Since we’ve only got three entries so far, we’re throwing a cool $50 on top of the prize pack, just to get those designers out there a little more interested. Even the runner-up will get 2 games from Bplay and a skin from Decalgirl for their fine efforts.

Check out our entries to date behind the jump!

New slider patent from RIM


Yet another item from the fanciful land of patent filings: the “Hybrid Portrait-Landscape Handheld Device With Trackball Navigation and Qwerty Hideaway Keyboard”. It might be thought that the whole hideaway keypad and orientation detection thing has been done, but obviously not with a trackball, otherwise this filing wouldn’t have gone through. Considering another patent of this variety has been released recently, it’s easy to get enthusiastic about the idea of a BlackBerry with significant form factor changes. For the bookish, you can check out the whole patent filing here.

RIM owns Palm in enterprise sales


A graph showing an upward trendYeah, go figure, right? What we’re really wondering about is how the iPhone is shaping up. While they’ve only grabbed 5% of the corporate market, that’s a very happy 5%. RIM remains second to the iPhone, with 47% of customers saying they were “very satisfied” compared to the iPhone’s 59%. Still, RIM continues to dominate, with 73% market share in the enterprise sector and 77% of businesses planning on buying a new BlackBerry in the next 6 months. Apple dropped 3 points to 11% in the latter category, and Palm… well, Palm bid a tearful goodbye to the double digits.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Pyxis Mobile


Pyxis Mobile logoThe exhibitor spotlight continues with Pyxis Mobile. We haven’t heard from these guys in a while, but they continue to offer high-quality applications for users in the financial services industry. Their Application Studio allows users to configure, build, and deploy custom apps without the need for any IT staff. The applications can be configured for investment, insurance, and banking needs, giving end-users immediate access to enterprise data. Check ‘em out if you get the chance, and don’t forget to sign up for the Best of WES Awards if you’re going to be exhibiting.

Three RIM releases in Africa


Just as we thought, RIM is moving into Africa in a big way. They’ve partnered up with EMS and Celtel to release phones in Madagascar and Nigeria, and with EMS and Orange for a release in Botswana. Nigeria will be getting the 8100, 8300, and 8800, while Madagascar will be hooked up with just the 8800. Botswana will get the 8100 and the 8700g. Just a another example RIM’s continuing focus on the African market.