Weekly Contest: Painting the Town Red


Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen our fair share of red BlackBerrys. It’s easy to understand getting into the spirit of Valentine’s day and all, but how much is this new swath of colour really going to help sales? Are consumers that fickle, and if so, is red really the colour to do the job, or does the colour need a bit more behind it to sell? The 8830’s new paint job was especially a surprise as it’s showing that even RIM’s traditionally enterprise lineup is starting to move into the consumer space. So here’s where you guys weigh in: are consumers looking for style or substance with their BlackBerry? Both? Will the new BlackBerry 9000 hit the right balance? Are new paint jobs enough to make BlackBerrys sexy and stylish, or are they still stuffy e-mail machines at their core? Give us your take and win a skin from DecalGirl, so you can get a bit more style if you’re feeling lacking.

Go figure we don’t have too many BlackBerry haters in the house. Kyle brought up a good point that server outages are starting to grate on the nerves, especially considering the one last Thursday, but for sticking to some highly quotable bytes and talking about how it affects his life on the whole, we’re giving Robbie the win. Hopefully those goodies from BPlay will help you look at your BlackBerry as more than a representation of work, Robbie. Thanks everyone for your input, and hope to see you again this week!

3 Responses to “Weekly Contest: Painting the Town Red”

  1. 1 Akilah Akridge

    Substance is definitely what consumers are lookignf for when it come to smartphones.
    What wh what com

  2. 2 nicole

    I love my new red curve!

  3. 3 Bla1ze

    Umm..it’s about the balance of both, you got to have style AND substance, BlackBerry has only just caught onto to that in the past few years, The Pearl, 8800 devices were the start of this, BlackBerry has always been a player, but with the launch of those devices they finally gained the “look” too move out of the boardroom and substance to still keep up with work when needed…they can only get better from here on out…They have the substance…They have the style and a great balance of both at this point.

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