New treatment for BlackBerry thumb

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XtensorThe Xtensor is a new contraption aiming to rehabilitate chronic gamers, golfers and BlackBerry users through the clever use of elastic bands. By extending and retracting fingers, the user works all the forearm muscles related to BlackBerry thumb, and at $39.00, it’s about as cheap as do-it-yourself physiotherapy’s going to get. If you’re looking for some more sporty BlackBerry handwear, you might want to check these out. Thanks Josep!

  • Ryan
    Be careful with this kind of thing. The composer/pianist Schumann permanently injured his fingers with some sort of finger-exercise device. Not saying that this one will cause injury, but you probably don't need to purchase a device to exercise/stretch your fingers in the first place.
  • scott
    I have one of these and for $39 have never seen anything like it. It works the muscles that open the hands and works on both hands also...Love it just have to stretch out the bands fist to loosen them up but WOW!
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