pMDsoft 4.0 available on BlackBerry

pMDsoft has released their self-titled charge capture solution on BlackBerry. Doctors can now enter patient names, diagnoses, procedures, and more into their BlackBerry and have it automatically synced with all the other members of their practice. The software also features the full history of every patient’s visit, text search of diagnoses, procedures, and notes, the ability to share patients between doctors, and quite a lot more. While it might sound like a cure-all, this isn’t the only medical software for BlackBerry by a long shot. You practically can’t practice without one.

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Adam Kenney
February 11th, 2008 at 4:58 pm

Dr. Geraci, please visit our Web site ( ) if you’re interested in learning more! It features a complete features walkthrough of the new BlackBerry version.

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